Statistics indicate that 80% of brands around the world rely on high-quality graphic designs to support and promote the organization. Such as animation graphics. Which is no longer an option that can be taken or left. Rather, it has become an indispensable form of communication for the success of any organization working in the media field in particular. The question is here: What is the role of animation graphics in enhancing the visual identity of the media organization?

What is the importance of graphic design for organizations?

In fact, the importance of this type of graphics is related to the nature of human memory. 40% of people absorb visual content more than what is read. A person remembers what he sees by 65%. While he can only remember 10% of what he has read. Here the importance of designs as a substitute for words to attract the audience and not get it to the point of boredom.

Graphic design is also one of the most important elements for establishing and consolidating the visual identity of the organization. The choice of colors, graphics, images and shapes all express the organization’s orientation and reach it smoothly to the target audience, which means the strength of its impact in a way that exceeds the use of words to describe what the organization offers.

In fact, animation graphic is a technique that distinguishes images from each other. and posts them consecutively. This is what we call animation in which a number of frames or images are put together to create the illusion of movement. They are the product of the designer’s imagination.

On the other hand, in the graphic animation, sound, image and technical effects are combined. Storyboard at the beginning. The designer then animates them with animation software to create a ready-to-publish motion graphic video. This is involved in the design of both animated logos and promotional and educational videos. presentations, websites, game applications, and GIFs.

One of the most common examples of animation is the cartoon we used to watch when we were kids. It also includes animated movies. The technique used in making these films is photography to create patterns to create illusions of movement when the film is shown in sequence.

What is the role of the graphic animation in highlighting the brand of the organization?

The use of graphic animation is an attractive and distinctive way to highlight the personality of the organization’s brand. This type of visual production attracts an audience quickly. And it drives them towards your brand. It also encourages them to share what they have seen. Which means that it is also a way to spread on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Of course, animation graphics are based on software such as Photoshop and Adobe After effects. And  Maxon Cinema 4D. Maya. And other programs that enable the designer to produce the final form of the video to be produced according to the characteristics and directions of the organization. The storyboard is made and the components of the image are animated to come out in an animated form that attracts the viewer.

As  the design aims to highlight the identity and logo of the organization, graphic designers resort to repeating some elements in one design. Such as the organization’s logo, colors and style that distinguishes it. The objective is to cement the organization in the minds of viewers.

In the end, there are the basics of graphic animation design. Including the art of choosing colors that create the mood of the audience. Red, for example, symbolizes passion. etc. With the need to achieve harmony between the colors used. The same is true with choosing shapes such as circles that are sometimes used as an alternative to texts or to clarify  them.