Public relations services are indispensable in any institution or company, as they are responsible for the administrative functions that contribute to supporting and strengthening their links with the surrounding community and drawing its positive image among its members, and developing its policies and actions with the aim of developing trust and cooperation with different segments of individuals and other institutions, enhancing communication with clients, and documenting the nature of the organization’s work in their minds in a positive way using a range of communication and advertising means available to implement its vision, and measure the public satisfaction with the services or products it provides to them.

Ideas Gallery seeks to present a new and distinct concept of public relations management; It is based on developing an interactive strategy between the organization and customers, achieving effective communication between the organization and other facilities, and providing appropriate advertising means to define the nature of its role in the society in which it is located. This is achieved by making sure to follow up on all news that is published about the institution or company and to ensure its authenticity and accuracy, while encouraging communication and coordination between all administrative levels to take appropriate decisions, work to develop performance, and measure the public return towards the institution and its activity.

Therefore, the company provides consulting services in the field of public relations for companies and institutions wishing to develop and sustain their business together with maintaining its good reputation in the community. This is done by building links and trust with other parties and setting policies in line with the views of the targeted customers, providing new offers that attract more customers, and participating in proposing effective solutions to societal problems. The facility has a pivotal role in their implementation, supporting local economic development, encouraging administrative decentralization, supporting the role of joint management in decision-making, and building means of communication with other administrative functions especially the production and marketing functions.

Ideas Gallery’s vision in the field of public relations consultancy
  • Working on strengthening the relationship between the institution and its audience in order to develop it and strengthen the bonds of cooperation through it.
  • Strengthening the link between the institution and the rest of the official and unofficial channels, through the exchange of data in order to coordinate the existing work between them.
  • Applying all scientific bases in order to achieve the common goals between the institution and its public.

Based on the previous standards, the company provides public relations consultancy through its team consisting of a group of experts and specialists in this field who provide a summary of their experience through:

  • Formulating a solid strategy for the institution that includes designing and building the structures and supervision of the departments of public relations, institutional communication and media.
  • Designing internal communication networks between the employees of the institutions and their affiliated members.
  • Designing media qualification programs and professional training in the field of institutional communication and public relations, and qualifying spokespersons, media spokespersons and experts in the field of institutional communication and public relations.
  • Presenting appropriate strategies for the means of building the institution’s internal responsibilities towards society and the events it is going through.
  • Drafting accurate plans suitable for crisis management according to a scientific approach based on careful follow-up of the institution’s workflow, comparing it with the society in which it is found and striving to develop its preventive systems to optimally deal with sudden crises.
  • Developing ideas for social responsibility projects, and designing and managing project work models.
  • Preparing media plans and managing public relations and electoral campaigns.


‘Ideas Gallery’ Services in the field of public relations
  • Preparing public relations plans (monthly, quarterly, annually), and periodic reports of the work done.
  • Undertaking the media management of exhibitions and events in which the institution participates.
  • Providing various media consultations to the leaders and managers of the institution.
  • Designing and implementing the institution’s promotional campaigns.
  • Conducting press interviews with the institution figures and distributing them to the media on various occasions.
  • Monitoring the content of the news media about the institution or news related to the nature of its activity.
  • Preparing press releases on the traditional and exceptional activities of the institution.
  • Covering and archiving media coverage of all the institution activities and events.
  • Drafting articles and letters on all occasions in which the institution participates.
  • Arranging a group of radio and television interviews.
  • Presenting appropriate plans and programs to support the efforts of the executive management, within the scope of work that serves institutional communication.
  • Providing consulting services for any new business that falls within the scope of “IDEAS Gallery”‘s work.
  • Supporting and supervising the implementation of the promotional work of the institution.
  • Assessing the competitive situation, and suggesting appropriate methods to confront competitors, in coordination with the management of the institution.
  • Providing supportive media services to draw a positive mental picture of the institution’s activities.
  • Continuous following-up with the management of the institution to know its urgent needs for public relations services.
  • Providing advice on new business.
Specialized Public Relations Services
  • Visual identity preparation services

“Corporate Identity” means giving the institution or company a distinctive character to its audience, which in turn differs from other institutions. Through its public relations department, Ideas Gallery seeks to formulate a unique corporate identity for institutions, and this is done through:

  • Preparing and implementing technical designs for promotional materials and media campaigns for the institution.
  • Full supervision of publications management, and provision of all designs for all publications, such as: Letter Head, Business Card, Folder, Notebook. etc,
  • Taking into account the continuous development of the corporate identity in line with the market, and preserving the general identity of the institution.
  • Providing a set of advertising and promotional ideas for the institution. 

  • Press File Services

This service includes preparing a comprehensive press file for all that is published about the institution in all media.

  • Coordination services with the media

Ideas Gallery is keen to build direct and personal relationships between prominent media authorities and their representatives on the one hand, and its clients from different companies and institutions on the other hand, and to consolidate these relationships in the long run, allowing it to open new channels of communication that enable them to enhance media coverage of their news, achievements and events.

  • Media Relations Management Services

The role of the media is no longer limited to promoting awareness of the brand and creating interest thereof among the public, but it also contributes to improving the image of the organization or institution and its position in the markets in which it is active especially in light of the ease of obtaining information related to the work of all companies and institutions. Therefore, the media plays the role of the external mediator and reliable supporter of the facility, and contributes to mobilizing public support through positive and effective media coverage of its products or services, and enhancing its credibility before the public.

Ideas Gallery has advanced capabilities that distinguish it in the field of providing public relations consultancy to its clients and various institutions, and based on the fact that advertising through publication in the media has become one of the most powerful modern marketing tools for the institution and its objectives among the public. Therefore, the company provides media relations management services, and provides the necessary support to enhance mutual relations between the institutions requesting the service and the media, and transform them into effective tools that reach the largest possible segment of this target audience.

It also enjoys a wide network of solid relationships that have been documented over the past years, with the most prominent media entities, including the media, journalists, producers, and others. This is useful in creating the ideal environment for institutions in order to ensure an appropriate and permanent media appearance through the media, appropriate coverage of news and achievements, and the establishment of strong and lasting strategic partnerships with representatives of these media and access to a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with journalists and media professionals at the regional and international level in a manner that reflects the true image and good reputation and enhances the credibility of media coverage of the institution work.


These services include a sub-bouquet of premium services, including:
  • Preparing and implementing media content for organizations and institutions:

Ideas Gallery provides the necessary support to media units and departments in various institutions and organizations, with the aim of enhancing and improving the capabilities of its members and qualifying them to perform their roles, with its tools, capabilities, skills, visions and ideas. The development of the work of these units has become an urgent necessity for the success of institutions, especially at a time when the means of communication and communication are following a lot of technological development.

The company’s team specialized in media affairs works to remedy the absence of the press role between the institution’s cadres and the public, by providing summaries, media brochures, pamphlets and press releases dealing with the role of the institution and its impact on society, and preparing the media content of the institution; written, audio, photographed and visual, its publication and broadcast in all media, and across the local and regional domains.

  • Providing media coverage in traditional and electronic means

The Media Relations team at Ideas Gallery is responsible for writing and distributing press news for institutions, bodies and companies, and providing media coverage for specialized and advertising articles and interviews in many prominent media; locally, regionally, and at all levels, newspapers, radio stations, television channels, electronic news sites, official and private news agencies, and social networking sites.


  • Providing media monitoring and archiving services

The media relations team at Ideas Gallery conducts a media monitoring of the institution news that has been previously published in various media to gain a better understanding of the direction this news has taken when publishing, and to determine whether the presentation method needs comprehensive development or not, and depends on monitoring the results achieved in publishing news and media reports about the institution.

In the same context, Ideas Gallery provides its clients with various published media materials related to their business in one way or another, each according to its sector of work.

  • Managing media relations for conferences and events

Within the framework of this service, Ideas Gallery performs an effective link between the institution and its audience by organizing conferences and integrated events that are compatible with the events the institution is going through and the goals it wishes to achieve, and broadcasting them through various media means, which is an important platform to deliver the voice of any institution to its audience

In addition to this, the company is keen to intensify the media presence in the various events held by the institution, therefore activities are organized specifically directed at media professionals, such as: Media meetings and tours.

  • Coordination of media interviews

Ideas Gallery’s range of media relations services include; Coordinating press and television interviews, and obtaining media statements that are published in various media; printed, visual and audio in addition to providing field support to representatives of these media during the various events organized by the institution.

  • Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in the field of media

Once the institution or organization contracts with Ideas Gallery, its media relations team begins an analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks SWOT from a media point of view as it collects the opinions and perceptions of a group of media professionals, interested parties and followers about the institution brand and its position in society.

  • Training public speakers to deliver speeches and communicate during crises

Ideas Gallery is unique in being one of the important companies in the Arab community that provides practical training for representatives of companies and institutions and members of senior management to give speeches during conferences and various events in addition to face the media with high confidence, especially in critical times, with the provision of a special program that includes practical exercises to overcome some crises, in addition to the skills of standing in front of the camera and speaking for media professionals and journalists.