Several decades ago, podcasts appeared as a new communication technology based on sending information and data from one sender to several receivers who share common interests through a single process. Its name is derived from the words “Pod,” which stands for iPod, and “Broadcast,” which means broadcasting. It was supported by Apple, the global company, and began to release its applications and software through its program I-Tunes, which gave it greater credibility and wide spread, and now there are millions of audio-recorded episodes available on the Internet, which can be accessed through the podcast publisher’s website and its dedicated applications via the phone.


Ideas Gallery: Podcasting Services:

The podcast services from Ideas Gallery are based on developing strategies and launching distinctive podcast programs and episodes for major media organizations and platforms in order to promote them, enhance their image and brand, and send notifications to the target audience regarding the organizations’ services or products.

Podcast Advantages:
  • Ease of use: It can be listened to at any time and under any circumstance.
  • Unlike traditional radio and TV programs, podcasts give their users the advantage of controlling their use whenever they want and choosing their preferred content.
  • The podcast does not need an internet connection in order to listen to its episodes, so it can be used off line after downloading the episodes.
The importance of podcast services:
  • Podcasts are one of the electronic programs that are witnessing a great spread at present, and they are expected to have a greater spread in the coming years.
  • Podcasts are a social communication technology that competes with the major social networking sites “Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube….”.
  • Podcasts are a distinct educational tool characterized by ease, simplicity, and the ability to attract and influence.
Ideas Gallery Methodology in “Podcast Services”:

Ideas Gallery Podcast services are based on advanced scientific and applied systems that are compatible with the conditions of customers and their target audience, thus helping to achieve their goals. Our business methodology includes:

Focus on setting goals and audiences accurately.
  • One of the most important parts of communicating with the audience and marketing to our customers is being clear about the podcast’s goals.
  • Clearly defining the goals as the starting point for launching episodes and podcasts that are relevant to the needs of customers
  • A key part of making podcast episodes and programs do what you want them to do is to define the target audience and its different parts.
Individuality and excellence:
  • Developing new and effective methods for selecting audio content and producing episodes
  • Adopting atypical creative templates in podcast marketing enhances communication between customers and their target audience and delivers media and marketing messages to them.
  • Our post-podcast services support a variety of technical and marketing methods, as well as methods to follow up on the reactions of the target audience.
Diversity and Inclusion
  • Our podcast services have a wide range, which is shown by the fact that they use many different tools and methods.
  • Some of the things we do are make audio content, write production plans, broadcast, do online marketing and social media, and more.
  • Our team has a lot of specialists in all areas of podcast production, broadcasting, and marketing.
  • There is interest in marketing audio content and delivering it to the target audience across various platforms.
  • Diversity in content production mechanisms, strategic planning of episodes, broadcasts, and marketing tools ensures that customers benefit from the many prospects and possibilities of the podcast.
The most prominent service of Ideas Gallery is in “Podcasts”:

Ideas Gallery has a variety of sub-services within the podcast service, with great effectiveness that guarantees our customers the provision of a high-quality final product that suits the target audience; All of them are based on many integrated scientific approaches, which are directed to achieve the maximum benefit from content, media, and electronic and digital platforms in achieving the goals sought by our customers from designing, implementing, and broadcasting podcast episodes, influencing the target audience and achieving knowledge, media, or marketing goals.


In the following lines, we review the most prominent sub-services that are included within the “podcast” services and are consistent with the clients’ knowledge, media, and marketing goals. These services include:


Strategic and Advisory Services:
  • Offering an integrated set of services and broad plans for making and broadcasting audio content.
  • building and developing a strategic plan for the better implementation of digital audio for our customers.
  • Follow up on the audience’s reactions to the podcast after it has been broadcast and marketed, and develop action plans according to the follow-up results.

Digital Production Services:

We are working on producing podcast episodes and programs with all their stages, which include:

  • Pre-production services: research, planning, and scheduling.
  • Production: interviews, script writing.
  • Post-production services: sound modification and design.
  • Providing recording and broadcasting studios
Publishing and Promotion Services:
  • Managing all aspects of the publishing and promotion process and ensuring that podcasts are available on the most listened-to applications.
  • Promo materials for each episode, which can be used on social networking sites, can be sent out together or separately.
  • Promotion materials include the production of short videos and animations inspired by the program’s visual identity, and quote cards for selected episodes.


Audiovisual Identity Services:
  • Providing comprehensive visual identity packages for clients to help create a distinct audio-visual identity for podcast programs.
  • Choosing the names of podcast programs and episodes and creating a visual and audio design to suit different clients and platforms.
The Advantages of Ideas Gallery’s Podcasting Services:
  • Transparency and Flexibility:

Our services are highly transparent and flexible, with the aim of gaining the trust of customers by providing elaborate work based on the strength of the content, the strengths of the brand, the advantages and needs of the target audience, as well as making the most of the various electronic media and the distinctive features of each of them, in order to enhance the communication of our customers with their target audience and improve their mental image.

  • Integrated services:

We provide integrated and comprehensive service solutions to help our customers communicate with their target audience, develop their businesses, and activate their brand marketing efforts. Podcast services include all that it includes: artistic production, consulting and strategy services, broadcasting and marketing content through social media sites, and other tools that are highly effective in achieving goals. marketing and promotion for our customers.

  • lower price:

Our services help clients save money by enhancing their access to the target audience with advanced and commonly used technology, which helps to effectively promote the brand to the audience, increase the base of this audience, improve the institutional reputation and mental image of them, and achieve many marketing goals without exaggerating the costs. We have the best selection of podcast packages to meet the needs of all of our customers at the best price and quality. This way, our customers only pay what the service really costs, and not any extra money.

  • A distinguished team of creators:

Ideas Gallery has a creative team of content producers, technicians, and marketers in the Arab world and all over the world, all of whom have extensive previous experience in the technical, artistic, marketing, and content industries, and a record of business with many prestigious Arab and foreign bodies.

which makes sure that our customers get commercial value from the design, production, and broadcasting of podcast episodes and other creative marketing services that serve the marketing and promotion strategies and improve the reputation in all of its parts and are managed well to reach the goals.

  • Extensive previous experience

Ideas Gallery is a well-established media corporation with extensive experience in many fields, including: podcast production, broadcasting, and marketing, and has had many distinct experiences with hundreds of clients. This prestigious corporation works to develop the marketing and promotional capabilities of its customers and their brands in order to enhance their communication with the target audience and achieve the desired goals. To this end, the corporation has broad experience that extends over a long period of time covering all these areas, which was built by an elite team of content experts, technology, marketing, corporate reputation management, and the mental image of organizations.