One of the main priorities of any organization is to reach a wide segment of its target audience and to introduce its activities, objectives, and services. Attainment of this priority is not through promotional advertisements alone, but necessarily requires organizing many direct mass events, such as conferences, seminars, or workshops. Hence, these events have become one of the most important activities on the agenda of many official and private organizations. However, the organization of events in its abstract form is not the intention but the good and tight organization of the event, which results from a deeper understanding and great professionalism in the planning and management of such important events. Therefore, event management and organization services are considered among the vital activities that are in increasing demand in the modern era, which has resulted in some companies specializing in this activity specifically to meet the increasing demand for it.

The idea of event management and organization services from Ideas Gallery

Ideas Gallery’s event management and organization services revolve around implementing efficient and integrated activities related to all event details with professional technical, media, and administrative tools that are compatible with technological, scientific, and professional developments in these areas and from all aspects in order to produce the event with the highest level of quality and distinction and help our clients to enhance their market and institutional position and deepen their communication with their target audience.


The Importance of Event Organization and Management Services
  • Events are among the most important activities on the agendas of the most prominent official and private bodies at the international level.
  • Good event management contributes to communicating the organization’s mission and objectives to the target audience.
  • Good organization of events is an essential pillar for strengthening relations between the institution and its internal and external audience.
  • The tight organization of events is an excellent opportunity for direct interaction with the target audience.
  • The distinguished organization of events contributes to the direct marketing of the institution.
Ideas Gallery Methodology in “Organization and Management of Events “

The event organization and management services at Ideas Gallery are based on advanced scientific and applied systems that are compatible with the conditions of customers and their target audience, therefore helping to achieve their media and marketing objectives. Our working methodology includes:

Concentrate on defining specific goals and audiences:
  • Determining precise objectives is one of the basics of the success of mass events.
  • Defining precise objectives is the starting point in organizing an organized and integrated event.
  • Determining the target audience and its different segments is a key pillar in planning events and their success.
Exclusivity and Excellence:
  • Avoiding the methods and stereotypes that are commonly used in the organization of mass events and major events.
  • Developing new and effective methods of organizing, managing, marketing, and archiving the event, such as: marketing through social media and electronic archiving.
  • Adopting the best ways to organize and promote strengthens the bonds between our customers and the people they want to reach.
  • Our event planning and management services help with a wide range of executive and marketing tools.
Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Our event planning and management services are broad in scope and characterized by a diversity of tools, techniques, and programs.
  • Our services include all sub-services related to the main service, such as: organizing the opening ceremony; managing relations with senior guests; media and electronic promotion; and others.
  • Our team has a lot of administrators, technicians, media professionals, and marketers who specialize in all areas of event management and organization.
  • The good and integrated organization of events ensures that clients benefit from the many prospects and possibilities offered by the good and integrated organization of events.
Ideas Gallery’s main services in “Event Organization and Management”

Ideas Gallery has a variety of sub-services within the event organization and management service, with great events that ensure our clients provide a high-quality final product tailored to the target audience of the event. All of them are based on scientific approaches and integrated technical mechanisms, directed in their entirety to make the most of the available tools and techniques in achieving the goals that our clients seek by organizing various events and enhancing communication with the public, thus achieving leadership and excellence in the field.

The following lines summarize the main sub-services that are included within the services of “event organization and management” and are consistent with the clients’ media and marketing objectives; these services include:


Preparing/Designing the Event Profile
  • good preparation for the event, from formulating the initial concept of the event’s progress to its final implementation.
  • Developing event plans and providing a detailed timeline to clients
  • Clearly defining the overall tasks of the work team and the objectives to be achieved from the event.


Technical equipment for the main hall of the event
  • designing a technical equipment plan for all equipment and tools required for the event.
  • providing hall rental services, audio equipment, lighting equipment, and others.
  • Equipping the main hall of the event with the latest lighting, sound, and display equipment of outstanding quality
  • Providing sound and lighting technicians throughout the event period to ensure that any defects are corrected.
  • designing and implementing the main hall’s decoration in line with the event’s identity.
  • Equipping the podium for the pulpit, seats, tables, nameplates, and others.


Technical equipment for the event stage
  • Equipping the stage with a professional mechanism to withstand heavy work and heavy weights.
  • Providing high-quality sound and lighting control devices:
  • installing sound systems and linking them throughout the hall.
  • Providing wired and wireless speakers and microphones inside the theatre.
  • Professional torches, towers, road rollers, control units, and other lighting systems are available.
  • Equipping the theater with devices that transmit signals and high-definition waves for display on screens.
  • Equipping the senior speakers’ stand on the side of the stage with a design that matches the identity of the event.
  • providing elegant seating for VIP guests, and a luxurious table equipped with nameplates, microphones, and all other accessories.


The production and design of the exhibition decorations accompanying the event
  • providing design and implementation services for exhibitions accompanying the event.
  • designing and implementing the event’s pavilion decorations according to the client’s desire.
  • providing tables and seats per pavilion of the exhibition, as well as all electrical appliances and lighting tools.
  • Providing other logistical services, such as: inauguration of pavilions, floor design, opening ceremonies, and after-exhibition services.


Organizing the press conference for the event
  • supervising the press conference for the promotion of the event.
  • equipping the conference hall with the technical tools necessary for the success of the conference.
  • providing press material for the conference and publishing it in various media.
  • providing meals for the conference attendees with hot and cold drinks.


Organizing the event’s opening ceremony
  • Providing all the services for organizing the opening ceremony of the event, including keynote speeches for dignitaries, showing promotional films, honoring sponsors and speakers, and taking memorial photos.
  • Providing a select group of media professionals with experience in dialogue, managing and coordinating the various segments, whether for the opening ceremony or for the rest of the event program.
  • The possibility of adding other items to the concert program according to the customers’ desire, such as fireworks and lasers for outdoor events,



production and implementation of publications and promotional advertisements for the event.
  • Providing a distinguished package of publication design and implementation services, such as attendance invitations and promotional announcements, among others.
  • designing the various publications of the event according to the identity of the organizers and in more than one language.
  • designing identity prints for the event, including the event logo, organizing organization, and sponsors.
  • designing and printing the main event book, which contains all the details of the event, its place, and time.
  • designing and printing the event’s documentation book, which includes all the worksheets inside the event.
  • Distribution of event publications to invited public and private institutions and prominent personalities.
  • designing and implementing a huge advertising campaign to market the event with the latest innovative mechanisms and the identity of the institution.
  • Providing a set of signs for the event in the appropriate places for the target audience.
  • addressing governmental and private institutions and agencies to attract a group of sponsors, according to the conditions of the institution that owns the event.
  • designing a special event page on popular social networking sites.
  • printing and distributing certificates of attendance to all participants via express mail.
  • sending appreciation letters to all participating institutions after the event ends.


Event Guest Affairs Management
  • designing a special corner to receive the participants in the event upon their arrival.
  • distribution of event publications and souvenirs with its identity, logo, and sponsors to the guests.
  • allocating a lounge to serve lunch or dinner for all the guests participating in the event.
  • Allocating snacks and hot and iced drinks during breaks
  • Providing a group of tours for guests while ensuring the highest level of quality service.
Communication with VIPs
  • Providing communication services with high-level personalities, such as: arranging travel and hotel reservations, receiving speakers and VIPs.
  • We provide luxury vehicles to transport the most prominent guests to and from the event venue.
  • Organizing luxurious lunches and dinners for the VIPs during the days of the event.
  • distribution of commemorative plaques of honor to senior speakers and event guests.
Interpretation of event activities
  • Providing interpretation techniques for the languages that will be spoken during the event.
  • equipping the translation rooms technically and artistically with a highly qualified and professional team of translators
  • Providing event attendees with the latest simultaneous interpretation equipment for event activities
  • providing state-of-the-art transmitting and receiving equipment and interpretation booths, which contain a built-in microphone, loudspeaker, LCD graphic display and dual headphones.
Documentation, archiving, and live broadcasting

Providing first-hand media publishing services for the event’s events and fully documenting all its activities so that these services include:

  • sending copies of the photos and the event film, and distributing the event book and its photos to all relevant institutions.
  • issuing media and digital reports containing all the news, comments, interviews, press and media coverage, and all that was published and written about the event in all media.
  • communicating with various media institutions to transfer the event’s activities to the main screens inside and outside the hall.
  • filming the event from the first moment until its conclusion, to archive it electronically through compact discs (CDs), and copies of it are delivered to the organizer.
  • submitting an evaluation report to the institution that is the author of the event on all activities, with the opinions of the participants, observations, and suggestions.
The benefits of event management and organization services from Ideas Gallery
  • Our services are highly transparent and flexible with the aim of gaining the trust of customers by providing an elaborate organization of their events based on the strengths of the brand, developing weaknesses into points of distinction that can be benefited from, as well as making the most of technical techniques, integrated administrative organization, and public relations management with the aim of enhancing customer communication with their target audience, improving the mental image of their brands, and consolidating their corporate reputation.
  • Distinguished and Integrated Services: We provide integrated and comprehensive services within the main service for organizing and managing events, in order to help our clients deepen their communication with the target audience, promote their brands, and grow their profitable and awareness base. We activate the marketing efforts of the organization and ensure the strongest and longest impact in the long run. Our services in organizing and managing the event include many important sub-services, such as: technical and artistic organization; guest affairs management; sponsor attraction; archiving; and other highly effective services in achieving marketing and promotional goals for customers. 
  • Our services help customers save money by reaching the target audience with various and multiple tools within one event. This helps to effectively promote the brand to the public and achieve media and marketing goals, such as creating a certain impact on the audience or increasing the base of this audience, building its loyalty to the brand, improving the mental image of customers, and other media and marketing objectives without excessive costs. We have the best variety of packages to organize and run important events to meet our customers’ needs at the best price and the best quality, making sure that our customers only pay for the real cost of the service and not any extra money.
  • Ideas Gallery has a huge creative team that includes highly responsible, efficient, and experienced staff to manage all details of the event, from designing the initial file, organizing entry for attendees, hosting speakers and experts, receiving VIPs, organizing the activities of the event and accompanying exhibitions, designing and distributing publications, managing sessions and workshops, providing and managing all logistics and other services. All of them have extensive experience in the administrative, technical, and marketing fields and everything related to the organization of events, in addition to a proven track record with many high-level Arab and foreign authorities, which ensures adding commercial value to our customers that ultimately serves the media and marketing strategies of their brands with all their elements and their effective management in order to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Ideas Gallery is a well-established media corporation with extensive previous experience in many fields, including: organizing and managing events, and many distinct experiences with hundreds of clients. This prestigious entity works to develop the outputs of media and promotional activities for its customers and their brands, maximize them as much as possible, and achieve the desired impact on the target audience, with the aim of keeping pace with the successive changes in the media and marketing environment and facing future challenges. To this end, the corporation has a broad precedent of experience covering all these fields, which was built by a distinguished team of the elite of technology, media, marketing, and public relations experts.