Public events, exhibitions, and general and specialized conferences constitute a distinct opportunity for commercial and community organizations of all kinds and orientations. As it is an excellent opportunity to review its visions and future plans and to communicate effectively and continuously with its target audience in order to achieve many of its media and promotional goals. However, it is required first that such events come out in an honorable manner that guarantees attracting the attention of the audience from the first moment to its end. This requires careful and tight implementation through high-quality tools and equipment that keep pace with the latest technological techniques, providing continuous technical support throughout the event to ensure that any errors that may occur and affect the continuation of the event and the achievement of its objectives are avoided.


What is the idea of the Ideas Gallery rental and provision of exhibition and event equipment services?

The rental and provision of equipment for exhibitions and events of Ideas Gallery revolves around the implementation of effective and integrated activities related to all the details of the various events (seminars – exhibitions – conferences -…..). In order to meet its needs and requirements in terms of renting sound and lighting equipment screens for all audio and visual equipment and all the necessary technologies for the event. At the same time assisting our customers with setup and technical support throughout the event to ensure equipment installation and commissioning and ease of participants’ use of devices during the event.


What is the importance of the services of providing equipment for exhibitions and events?
  • Providing high quality equipment in exhibitions and events is a cornerstone of its success and achieving its goals.
  • Good performance of the event’s technical and technical equipment helps strengthen the relationships between the organization and its audience.
  • The thoughtful selection of equipment and techniques for exhibitions and events is an excellent opportunity for direct interaction with the audience.
  • The outstanding performance of the technical and technical equipment for exhibitions and events helps to establish a positive reputation for the organization in the target market.
What is Ideas Gallery’s approach in “Providing Exhibition and Event Equipment”?

The services of renting and providing equipment for exhibitions and events at Ideas Gallery are based on advanced application systems that meet the needs of customers in organizing the event. This helps in achieving their media and marketing goals. Our working methodology includes:


Focus on defining precise objectives:
  • Determining precise objectives is one of the basics for the success of event organization success.
  • Defining precise objectives is the starting point in organizing an organized and integrated event.


Exclusivity and Excellence:
  • Avoiding the stereotypical tools and equipment that are common in organizing mass events and major events.
  • Attention to the provision of new and innovative equipment and techniques in the organization and implementation of events.
  • Adopting a set of effective techniques and tools that ensure an honorable exit to the event. For example: Radio frequency sound systems: It refers to equipment that transmits sounds via FM waves. – It offers an economical solution that uses the wireless transmission received by the participants to synchronize with its channels. This system is used in mega events to pass sounds through walls and in open spaces. As well as infrared sound systems that provide coverage of a large area, allowing participants to move freely using the infrared receiver and headphones.
  • Our equipment rental and supply services support a wide range of integrated technical and operational tools.


Diversity and inclusiveness:
  • Our equipment rental and provision services have a wide range characterized by a variety of tools, technologies and programs.
  • Our services include all sub-services related to the main service. For example: Rental of audio and video equipment, simultaneous translation, exhibition pavilion decorations, and others.
  • Our team has a lot of technicians and executives who specialize in all areas of equipment rental and technology used in mass events.
  • Diversity in the executive tools and devices ensures that customers benefit from the many prospects and possibilities offered by the good and integrated organization of events and exhibitions.


What is the principal services of Ideas Gallery in “Renting and Providing Exhibition and Event Equipment”?

Ideas Gallery has a variety of sub-services within the service of renting and providing equipment for exhibitions and events and for a major event. To ensure that our customers organize a special event and provide a high-quality final product that suits the target audience of the event. Achieve the goals that our clients seek by organizing various events. Enhance communication with the public and achieve leadership and excellence in the field. All of them are based on integrated technical mechanisms that are directed entirely to make the most of the available tools and techniques.

In the following lines, we review the principal sub-services that are included within the services of “renting and providing equipment for exhibitions and events” and are consistent with the objectives of our customers in organizing an honorable and distinguished event. These services include:

Providing promotional materials in the vicinity of the event:
  • Design, implementation and printing of promotional materials in the vicinity of the event (flags / badges / road ads /figures).


Rental and provision of hall decorations:
  • Attendance seats and furnishing them with the best materials.
  • Luxurious sofa seating for dignitaries and VIPs.
  • Tables and their furnishings.
  • Event theater design.
  • Event stage platform.
  • Seats for keynote speakers.


Rental and provision of audio equipment:
  • Earphones and portable hearing devices.
  • Microphones of all kinds (wire and wireless).
  • Translation equipment of all kinds (simultaneous, consecutive and whispered).



  • Voice memorization devices for speeches and lectures.
  • Solution equipment solutions for the integration of audio systems, live broadcasting, production services and service delivery in digital format.
  • Conference discussion techniques, push-to-talk systems, and voting systems.


Rental and provision of lighting equipment:
  • Renting and providing lighting devices and light systems for the theater and hall for events and exhibitions.
  • Renting and providing light curtains for closed events.
  • Rental and provision of ultra-silent mobile light towers with features including: 360 degree rotation with fully extended vertical or manual hydraulic shaft to quickly and easily change the direction of light. 4 x 1000 Watt metal halide bulbs are ideal for providing illumination for any location. The height of the vertical masts can reach 9 meters.
Renting and providing the latest visual equipment:
  • Renting and providing plasma screens of different sizes. In and Out door
  • Rental of LED screen displays (In & Out door).
  • Renting and providing data show projectors with all their capabilities.
  • Renting and providing lighting devices of all kinds including LED bars, moving heads, lasers, smoke and terraces.
  • Renting and providing video and photography units, photography and video cameras with various modern technologies.


Renting and providing technical equipment for exhibitions:
  • Exterior and interior decorations for exhibitions.
  • Decorations of pavilions and booths attached to exhibitions.
  • Wood decoration works.
  • Iron decoration works for the theater and the perimeter of closed and open events (Open Air).


Providing memorabilia for events:
  • Designing event memorabilia (medals, awards, decorations and certificates of appreciation) according to the identity of the event and the organizer.
  • Printing and executing memorabilia with the latest mechanisms and technologies.


Advantages of the “Equipment and Exhibition Equipment Rental and Provision” service from Ideas Gallery
  • Transparency and Flexibility: Our services are highly transparent and flexible with the aim of gaining our customers’ trust. By providing an elaborate organization of their events based on high precision, quality and excellence tools. As well as making the most of technical techniques in order to make their public events successful, enhancing their communication with their target audience, improving their mental image and consolidating their corporate reputation.


  • Distinguished and Integrated Services: We provide integrated and comprehensive services within the main service of providing and renting equipment for events and exhibitions. In order to help our customers to successfully organize their events and deepen their communication with the target audience, develop their business base of profitability and awareness, activate the marketing efforts of the institution and ensure the strongest and longest impact in the long run. Our services in providing and renting equipment include many important sub services. For example: Exhibition pavilion decorations. Simultaneous interpretation equipment, lighting and other services of great effectiveness in achieving the marketing and promotional goals of our customers.


  • Lower Cost: Our services help customers save their money. Through the implementation of distinctive events and exhibitions, and reaching the target audience with a variety of tools within one event. This helps to achieve their media and marketing goals without exaggerating the costs. We offer the best variety of packages in providing and renting equipment for events and exhibitions to meet the needs of our customers at the lowest price and best quality. This guarantees payment for the true cost of the service only without any additional money.


  • Creative team: Ideas Gallery has a huge creative team with highly responsible, efficient and experienced staff to manage all the technical details of the event and manage all the logistics and more. All of them have extensive experience in the administrative and technical field and everything related to equipment and tools for events and exhibitions. In addition of a track record of business with many prestigious Arab and foreign authorities. This ensures adding commercial value to our customers that ultimately serves the media and marketing strategies of their brands with all its elements, and the management and implementation of their activities in an honorable manner in order to achieve the desired goals.


  • Extensive Previous Experience: Ideas Gallery is a well-established media corporation with long experience in many fields including: Rental and provision of equipment for exhibitions and events and many distinct experiences with hundreds of customers. This prestigious entity works to develop the outputs of media and marketing activities for its customers, including events and activities. Maximizing its outputs as much as possible and achieving the desired effect on the target audience. In order to keep pace with the successive changes in the media and marketing environment and facing future challenges. To this end, the Association has a broad experience that extends over a long period of time, covering all these areas. It was built by a distinguished team of elite management and technical experts.