In the case of planning to establish a private organization, its identity must be taken into account. Designing an identity for your organization is like a birth certificate for it. And a bridge of communication between it and the target audience. Identity is a broad concept that includes anything visible or audible that supports the presence and spread of the organization in the market.  The question here is: How does musical identity serve the spread of the organization?

What is the importance of forming a visual and musical identity for the organization?

Morgan Clendaniel, a writer who specializes in corporate brand identity, says: “The corporate identity that survives is what makes life better.” As Jeff Bezos, founder, says: — “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. He believes that corporate identity is similar to human reputation, which is built when we do the hard things in a right way. – Therefore, it highlights to us the importance of forming a visual and musical identity for the organization

How is the organization’s identity consolidated in the minds of its audience?

Several elements are used to consolidate the identity of the organization in the minds of its target audience, such as the image, logo, music, or what we call the musical identity”. Which preferably contain unique musical tones that make the organization’s brand a symbol known to its followers.

Music, that expressive art, has become a necessity of life, as it accompanies individuals and peoples on all their occasions. In addition to expressing their identity, it enters into the process of identity formation by discovering new ideas that affect and interact with humans. That is, it goes beyond the idea of it being an instrument of entertainment.

In a digital world based on advanced mobile phones. The value of audio shopping has increased to an estimated $40 billion. Musical identity is no longer just a cosmetic tool. Rather,  the shopping, the exercise of life and the payment during which are done. That is, it is just as important as visual identity.

How is the organization’s musical identity formulated?

It is preferable when developing a musical identity for the organization that it be in line with the modern rhythm that links the image and sound together. Music develops the sensual side through innovative tones that mimic the pulse and mind of the organization. It deepens the emotional bond with its audience.

The sound factor adds a powerful new dimension to the organization. It is an effective factor in the way people learn about it, which enhances its existence. – Therefore, its flexibility and ability to adapt to different musical forms and different cultures strengthens its presence globally.

Setting a distinctive tone for the organization is dependent on selecting a well-versed composer and artist who understands the needs of the target audience. And the most prominent characteristic of the countries targeted by the organization as well. So that it becomes possible to preserve its distinctive form, regardless of the different musical instruments and rhythms used, such as the style of opera and telephone tones. And so on.

What are the steps for creating an organization’s voice identity?

Tone of Brand is the way an organization addresses the public. Through various media. Either the website or social media platforms. There are broad characteristics of the tone must determine which of them is most appropriate for the organization according to what it offers. These characteristics are: Sentimental. Extraordinary Unconventional. Real or authentic.

In the case of using the description sentimental  in making the vocal identity of the organization. We give a good description. Like “we aspire with passion to change the reality around us”. Here we have used strong terms that express confidence and leadership. It is not preferred at that time to use the passive voice. And the use of the method of wishful thinking “wishes” intangible on the ground.

With the passage of time, the development of the organization’s brand and the entry of new competitors into the market. The persons in charge should review the audio chart periodically to see if any of the audio features are not working well. Or do not keep pace with the ambition of the organization. This is where the brand’s voice needs to be alert to adapt to the urgent changes.